Nencki AG gets a whiff of mountain air with components for a material ropeway from Bircher Seilbahnen GmbH. We lasered, mechanically processed, bent, welded and painted the red jewels.
Thank you for the great order.


We would like to thank CCR S.A. São Paulo for signing the contract at Innotrans in Berlin.

We are very pleased to be able to deliver the first Nencki Bogie Test Stand NBT to Brazil.

The Bogie Test Stand, equipped with the most advanced and worldwide patented Duoglide technology, will be used in Presidente Altino's bogie workshop for the maintenance of trains on Line 8/9, Via Quatro, and Line 5/17, Metro Bahia.

brasil 1


brasil 2

Last weekend the Käppeli family, with active and retired employees and invited guests, celebrated the 75th anniversary of the company Nencki AG.

IMG 1000

IMG 5161

IMG 5170

IMG 5172

 After 4 years - finally the time has come again. Nencki would like to welcome you to this year's Innotrans in Berlin. We look forward to presenting our product innovations (hybrid-powered load cylinders and DUOGLIDE wheel measuring unit), for which we have applied for a patent, to you.
InnoTrans 2022
20 to 23 September
Hall 23 / Stand 540

Innotrans sm

We congratulate our apprentices on passing their final exam. Well done!

Left - Serhat Cicek - EFZ production mechanic
Right - Mihajlo Vulin - EFZ polymechanic

Lehrabgänger 22

Our booth at Rail Solutions Asia in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) is ready for visitors.
From tomorrow, June 22nd to 24th, Jürg Roth will be there for you at booth #8.


Precision work is required to move the rail cars safely and in one piece to the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway in Valais.
With our professional transport company Clausen Kran AG, we are on the safe side.











The first of the two rail cars with crane superstructures for the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway is about to be delivered. The crane cars will be used for maintenance on the MGB infrastructure network.

3 Kranwagen vor Nencki Gebäude


1 kranwagen freigestellt

2 Kranwagen Kran ausgefahren

A cute colony of rabbits has taken up residence at Nencki. They escaped from the "Znünibeck" Nyfeler in Langenthal.A cute colony of rabbits has taken up residence at Nencki. They escaped from the "Znünibeck" Nyfeler in Langenthal.We have counted exactly 90 bunnies. Will there be offspring?

Happy Easter!

frohe ostern 2022


We are pleased to announce the cooperation between RENMAKCH India Pvt. Ltd. (India) and NENCKI Ltd. (Switzerland) as Joint Venture Partners for the project for Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC). Under the premise of the Make In India policy, RENMAKCH and NENCKI are producing the first NENCKI Bogie Test Stands in India.

We thank our partner RENMAKCH for the superb support & production services and also Gujarat Metro for the great opportunity to deliver two Bogie Test Stands to their workshops.


Indien Joinadventure


Our in-house exhibition under the motto ''Nencki Innovation Days 2021'' has gone by successfully. It was a great pleasure for us to show our customers, partners and agents our new features and our patent pending innovations. Last but not least, it was a great pleasure for us to invite our employees with their families and friends to a cheerful company party during our "day of open house".

Not only our technical innovations, but also the personal contact was an important element of these past days. In particular, the recently neglected direct contacts to customers and representatives as well as the company-internal, casual get-together could be cultivated and strengthened again.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all visitors and helpers for the successful realization and the great atmosphere during the Nencki Innovation Days 2021.

innovationdays 1innovationdays 2innovationdays 3innovationdays 4innovationdays 5

From August 26 to August 28, 2021, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., we will open our gates at our headquarters in Langenthal.

We will be pleased to present our latest equipment, such as coupling and magnetic rail brake testing, or to demonstrate our innovative bogie testing functions using newly developed generation wheel measuring units and energy-saving load cylinders with hybrid drive. You can find out more about our technologies and worldwide activities at our in-house exhibition at Aarwangenstrasse 90 in Langenthal.

For organisational reasons, we would be grateful if you could register in advance (by e-mail or phone) for Thursday, August 26th and Friday, August 27th, but we also warmly welcome spontaneous visitors at any time.

We look forward to welcoming you at our in-house exhibition!

innovation days 2021

Nencki Ltd. files significant innovations for international patent

Nencki Ltd., a leading developer and manufacturer of testing and handling equipment for bogies, releases significant innovations. The international patents for the brand-new functions are pending.

Bogie Test Bench:

Innovative Hybrid Drive

This innovation is related to the new type of load application required for the bogie test procedure. Instead of conventional hydraulic or electromechanical drives, the loading force is generated by newly designed hybrid drives. This method of force application consumes significantly less energy, does not require an additional stabilizing auxiliary cross beam during force application, generates significantly less emissions, enables high accuracy and life cycle costs can be significantly reduced. In addition, the hybrid drive enables dynamic, frequency-controlled force application to "pre-roll" all rubber and spring elements in the bogie. The first Nencki bogie test benches with the new hybrid drive technology have been sold and will be delivered in 2021. An international patent has been filed for this new technology.

Bogie Test Bench:

New Generation of Wheel Measuring Units

This innovative technical achievement, also developed by Nencki engineers, includes a completely new concept of wheel load measurement and revolutionizes the previous approach during bogie testing and handling of the bogie before and after testing (loading and unloading). With this new concept, each wheel of the bogie can be raised and lowered individually, and the complete bogie can be moved longitudinally. This flexibility allows the bogie to be rolled in and out of the test area of the test stand fully automatically. The centering of the bogie within the machine, which is necessary for accurate measurements, is executed by the machine automatically and controlled. The test bench not only calculates the required wheel shim heights, the individually height-adjustable wheel measuring units also allow a real time simulation of the calculated height correction. Due to this unique individual height adjustments, a twisted track situation can be simulated as well. A lowering device for the bogie within the test bench is no longer necessary, as the height-adjustable wheel measuring units can raise the bogie directly of the infeed rails. Energy consumption has been significantly reduced by optimized electromechanical drives. An international patent has been filed for this innovation, too.


We would like to thank all of our partners, customers, suppliers, employees and friends for the good cooperation and support in these testing times and wish you and your families a very special Christmas.

frohe weihnachten 2020

We thank and congratulate the Rhätische Bahn AG for purchasing the 150th bogie test stand manufactured by Nencki.

curdin arquint

A year after the delivery of the first Nencki bogie test bench NBT Coach to Metro Istanbul in August 2018, we are pleased to announce that we have received an order for an identical second machine.

Both machines are located a few meters apart in the maintenance workshops at Metro Istanbul in Esenler (Istanbul).

After an extremely short manufacturing time of only four months, the factory acceptance of the second test stand was successfully carried out at Nencki in Langenthal at the beginning of February 2020.

The acceptance test at Istanbul Metro is scheduled for March 2020.

werksabnahme tuerkei 2 1

On November 14, National Future Day, Nencki also had a visit.
For one day, the 12-year-old students were able to see the inside of our machine factory and get to know many professions.

zukunftstag 1zukunftstag 2zukunftstag 3zukunftstag 4zukunftstag 5zukunftstag 6zukunftstag 7zukunftstag 8

Jürg Roth with Renmakch and Neelesh Dixit in New Dehli at the IREE Exhibition.

iree2019 1

iree2019 2

With KOLTECH at TRAKO 2019, the international trade fair for the rail vehicle industry.

schweizerbotschafter bei nencki

Visit of the Swiss Ambassador Jürg Burri at the booth.

trako 2019 01

trako 2019 02

trako 2019 03


Shooting day at Nencki with newsroom communication AG Bern and Swissrail.

drehtag nencki 1

drehtag nencki 2

drehtag nencki 3

drehtag nencki 4

Nencki would like to congratulate its apprentices on successfully completing their apprenticeships.

Pagarshan Paramanathan, Polymechanic EFZ
Aaron Raveendran, Polymechanic EFZ
Quentin Kohler, Businessman EFZ

lap 2019

Factory acceptance of Rail Test Press NRT 2000 with Schlatter Industries AG and MTR Hong Kong.

werksabnahme NRT2000

Nencki at the exhibition "Rail Solutions Asia" in Malaysia .
Together with WINtec Process GmbH, we are sharing a booth at the KLCC Conventional Hall in Kuala Lumpur.

railsolutions asia nencki 1

railsolutions asia nencki 2

railsolutions asia nencki 3

railsolutions asia nencki 4

railsolutions asia nencki 8

Acceptance of a bogie test stand.

werksabnahme tuerkei 1

werksabnahme tuerkei 2

werksabnahme tuerkei 3

Article in an Indian magazine by our Walter Kellenberger.

September 2018 RB Seite 1


innotrans picture

Congratulation to Jose Enrique Peña and his Team

dealer of the year 1

dealer of the year 2

dealer of the year 3

We are pleased to present the new Soft 4.0 at Innotrans 2018:

Nencki Soft 4 EN Seite 1

Innotrans Berlin, 2018

Paul Seger, Swiss Ambassador in conversation with Nencki CEO Seppi Käppeli.


We are pleased to present the new NDT Jumbo Damper Test Stand at Innotrans 2018:

Nencki NDT Jumbo EN Seite 1

New in our assortment the NBA Bogie assembly stand:

Nencki NBA EN Seite 1

We are pleased to present the new NSTE E spring test press at Innotrans 2018:

Nencki NST E EN Seite 1

"New test method for safety against derailing", a lecture by Walter Kellenberger of Nencki Ltd. in Vietnam.
Ho Chi Minh City, HCMC Mass Rapid Transit Lines Infrastructure Project Conference 2018.

vietnam juli18 1

vietnam juli18 2

We congratulate the apprentices for the successful final exam 2018

Ilir Dullaj, polymechanics EFZ
Besfort Hajzeraj, polymechanics EFZ
Vlera Kica, businesswoman EFZ

IMG 0291 1

 Alstom Limache in Chile is doing the maintenance for Metro Merval in the area of the harbour city of Valparaiso. For the testing safety against derailing on bogies Alstom decided for a bogie test stand from Nencki.

 The Nencki NBT Light is a basic machine for testing wheel load distribution, height measuring and other options and is with newest technology of software and wheel load measuring.

With one week the machine has been installed in the workshop of Alstom Limache, also thank to the support of Alstom people and the local service partner SIMRAIL who is representing us in most of countries all over Latin America.

chile 01

chile 03

chile 10

chile 05

chile 11

Nencki welcomes more than 80 members of the Association of Technical Specialists of Swiss Transport Companies
TST to visit the company in Langenthal.

We are very happy to be a new member of the TST.

tst 1

The first spring test press of the NST E generation will be supplied to Transnet Engineering South Africa.

The main features of the innovative machine from Nencki include:

  • Up to 250kN test force, for springs up to 1,000mm length
  • Servo controlled load application that guarantees low lifecycle costs and high precision
  • Measuring of forces in three axles to determine the axial, horizontal stiffness and the bowing angle and forces
  • Fully automatic testing
  • Newest software technology programmed by Nencki
  • User-friendly programming
  • Developing advanced technology and providing local support to customers worldwide are important values at Nencki.

    Pictured is the intensive training being carried out by service engineers from the company’s representative Mizana Engineering. The company will be performing local after-sales service support.

    The NST E spring test press will be shown at Nencki’s booth in hall 23a at InnoTrans.


    transnet nste6 transnet nste5  
    transnet nste3


    We are pleased about the new ISO 9001 certification!

    Zertifikat EN

    Regardless of a freight, a highspeed, a normal speed or a mass transit train – nobody wishes for an accident caused through derailing. In the event of an incident, due to a faulty bogie, the operation of a complete metro line can be interrupted followed by immediate negative news headlines in the press and social media. A worldwide topic is the reduction of wheel wearing in order to minimize the life cycle costs of a train.
     An important factor to reduce the mentioned problems and risks is to adjust and control the correct wheel load.


    the correct wheel load

    The railway division of Nencki Ltd. wishes everyone happy holidays and a good start into the new Year 2018!

    We thank you for the good cooperation last year and look forward to further challenges in the new year!

    merry christmas

    Earlier this year, Nencki AG commissioned the 100th bogie test bench at Siemens AG in Allach, Munich. Additionally to the production of locomotives, also the maintenance of locomotives is carried out at this Munich plant.  

    IMG 0031

    Approximately 100 bogies are currently tested on the Nencki NBT Coach every year. With the axle assembly stand, attached directly to the bogie test bench, the revised bogies are completely assembled and pre-adjusted

    IMG 0061

    The completed bogie can be moved through a shifting device, directly from the axle assembly stand onto the bogie test bench. After the test is completed, the bogie is returned to the axle assembly stand and transferred in its lowered position to the final locomotive assembly by a self-propelled special vehicle.


    Nencki Ltd celebrated its 70th birthday

    IMAG2142 003

    Many guests were welcomed in Langenthal.

    We thank the organizers, all the helpers and of course the many visitors for a great party.

    IMAG2156 002

    The masterpiece designed by an artist can soon be visited in the entrance area of ​​the Nencki Ltd in Langenthal.

    Nencki Railway Technology participated at the following exhibitions



     There was a great interest into bogie testing technology.

    We would like to thank our local partner for the organisation and all the customers for visiting us on our booth.



    This is the yearly conference of the Asian Railway Operators with exhibition.


    We could meet important decision makers from Malaysia and many other mainly South Asian countries and introduce our new concept for bogie maintenance.

    Please download our brochure “competence in bogie maintenance” from



    This is the 4-yearly international exhibition for track technology.

    Nencki Railway Technology introduced the new concept for Stationary Railway Welding plants.

    Also here our thanks to the visitors and Nencki sales partners who visited us from all over the world.

    Please download our new brochure “Competence in Rail Welding Plants”